Behavior Solutions

In-Home Consultations

For $100 and 2 hours we can help solve all of your canine training and behavior issues.

Hands-on Behavior Consultations:

  • $100 for a 2-hour (hands-on) consultation in the privacy of your own home.
  • There is nothing else to sell. Most clients only need to see us one time.
  • An evaluation of the canine and your relationship is conducted.
  • We will talk about your dog’s behaviors and your concerns with them.
  • You and your family will learn how to effectively communicate with your dog during hands-on instruction.
  • Effective and results oriented methods will be taught.
  • You will learn how to properly use a Clicker (Optional).
  • Our approach is behavior modification/ training based on the science of animal behavior.
  • We do not use pain to train.

What We Use

  • ■ Our Extensive Knowledge, Education, Experience, & Passion for Canines
  • ■ Scientifically Proven Positive Approach (Leader/Follower Relationships)
  • ■ Positive Motivators (Food, Toys, Praise, Eye Contact, Nose work)
  • ■ Positive Training Tools & Aids (Clicker, Gentle Leaders, Kong)

What We Do NOT Use

  • ■ Negative, Dominance/Submission Approach (Alpha Dog Theory)
  • ■ Suppressive Tools (No Shock/Prong Collars, Spray Bottles, Noise Deterrents)
  • ■ Threating Postures/Gestures

We bridge the communication gap between you and your dog. After all, that’s where the real problem is. We have taught hundreds of people how to get the desired response from their pets by teaching positive methods of communication. 

Our primary training tool is a clicker. Our second tool is whatever motivates your dog to want to learn. This can be food, verbal praise, physical praise, using our environment or a toy. 

We show you how to get your dog to want to preform for you. We will teach you about Positive Reinforcement and Inadvertent Reinforces. Along with the cons of using compulsion training (DO IT OR ELSE) to deal with household behaviors.

The best part is we do not use pain-induced methods. Pain only suppresses the behavior in your presence, and can cause the dog to be in conflict with themselves or their environment. Pain induced training does not teach the animal the correct behavior. 

 FIDO's founder, Heath Wills has attended several schools of thought in regards to animal training. Heath does not hide the fact that he was a SHOCK collar trainer years ago before furthering his education. Because of his extensive experience in both old school/traditional (Do it or else) methods and Current positive training methods, Heath is considered by many to be an authority on the subject of Canine training and Behavior as it applies to households across America. 

I have participated on both sides of the training dilemma. I fully understand the psychological ramifications of using pain, force and or intimidation as a means to communicate with animals. I also know the joy of  having a wonderful relationship with an animal based on effective communication and trust. A dog who trusts you and wants to be apart of your social group. A dog that has less anxiety because of effective communication. The process of progressive, positive reinforcement training is in my opinion the most effective way to train your dog. Keep in mind its a process that Behavioral science has proven to be most effective and results oriented.

I founded FIDO so that we could show people another and in my opinion, a much more effective way to get the relationship that we all want with our pets. 

Heath Wills CDT
Behavior consultant
Founder of the Finishing Institute for Dog Ownership

Social Rehabilitation

What is Social Rehabilitation?

Social rehabilitation is when a canine is provided with the proper stimuli and support to learn how to interact properly within their environment.

This process entails 3 or more short stays at FIDO’s Bed & Breakfast (Minimum 5-7 days per visit.) 

Social rehabilitation plans are created on an individual case by case bases, established during a behavior consultation.  

Who Qualifies?

Dogs displaying signs of, or diagnosed with:

  • Learned helplessness.
  • Phobias or anxiety. 
  • Lack of confidence, unsure, or fearful.
  • Over confident and pushy.
  • Reactive (i.e. Leash reactivity, barrier reactivity.
  • Lack of social skill development as a puppy. 
  • Well-established conflict history.

Cost of Program

$30.00 per day after initial in-home behavior consultation. 

$45.00 per day for dogs without in-home consultation.

Shelters and Rescue organizations call to discuss pricing. 

Doug & Mayme Wheeler

"Thanks Heath for our behavior consultation with our dog Tank & family. He spent quality time with us showing us most of our dogs issues were our problems not the dog. He was very patient and clear on how to train our dog properly with no pain. His methods are easy to follow. He even taught our dog a new command while he was there in just a few minutes. Heath is quite knowledgeable and answers all questions thoroughly. Our 5-year-old daughter was very interested in the training and Heath suggested some games she could play with Tank so she could be part of the training. We can't recommend Heath and FIDO enough. He left us with all the tools we need to make our good dog a great dog."

Trish, Michale, Tabatha, and Sammy L. Family

"We recently adopted a dog from our local shelter. She is the cutest thing ever. Our knowledge about dogs was limited to say the least, until we met Heath. “WOW” Totally amazing. Heath was so nice to my family, even gave us a discount because we adopted Sammy. We showed Heath how we dealt with the bad behaviors as we learned from TV shows; He just smiled and taught us the correct way to communicate with Sammy. No more dominating Sammy to get our point across. Heath you have a god given gift. Thank you so much."

Alice M.

"I went through two different trainers and a recommendation by another trainer to euthanize my beloved Branson due to his issues with aggression. One of my best friends referred me to Heath; I could never thank him enough for helping me understand that it was me who was inadvertently rewarding him for the behaviors that almost killed him. My boy Branson is a changed dog thanks to Heath. He has an amazing passion for what he does and it shows. The dog community needs more Heaths out there. "

Here at Fido we also offer Enrichment programs to all canines within our care. Our Enrichment program is designed to relieve behavioral stagnation.

Benefits of FIDO’s Enrichment Program: 

Social interactions with other canines (proper social partners are hand selected)

Confidence building exercises. 

Puzzles and games aimed to improve mental stimulation.

Training objectives offered to dogs.

Dogs are not left in a cage while you are away.