Tails & Testimonials

Tonya E.

"As a nurse I am required to work long hours. It is so nice having Fido on board. Great service and very reliable."

Diane J.

"Best pet sitters that I have ever dealt with. Heath came out to our house and introduced us to the pet sitter that he would have working to take care of our pets. Kendra is amazing with my dogs. As for Jazz the cat, she hates everyone so don’t take it personal. lol. My dogs see Kendra daily and we could not live without her. Fido is truly a great business and I highly recommend them. Thank you so much."

Anderson Family

"Having been around dogs my entire life, I was excited when my husband and I picked out our sweet puppy from the pound a little over five years ago. Since my husband had never had a puppy, we decided to take Arthur to puppy school for the basics. That’s where we met Heath. Heath taught us the basics in puppy school, and even stopped by our house after the classes were completed to check in with us. As I was pregnant with my first child, I really appreciated Heath’s straightforward techniques. When Heath started doing some private boarding, we no longer looked for family to take Arthur if we had to go out of town. Every time he was at Heath’s, he came back an even better dog. Several months ago, we started having problems with Arthur. He was becoming a serious problem with his out of control barking whenever we would let him outside alone.  We called Heath. After just one session, Arty showed a lot of progress and has been fantastic ever since. When we go out of town, I never worry about our four-legged baby. He gets so excited when Heath pulls up to get him, that he’s in the car the second Heath opens the door; reminds me of when I drop my kids of at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  Heath has been a big part of our lives for the last five years, and we continue to use his services. I recommend him to anyone who mentions of having dog issues, and I’ve had several people call me after the fact and thank me for putting them in touch with Heath."

James Family

"We love F.I.D.O. What they have done for our family is amazing. We have people ask us all the time,” who trained your dog”, we love saying, “we did”. Thanks Heath You are the best."

Atkinson Family

"Heath came by two days ago for a consultation on my two barking dogs. He watched us interact, made some recommendations, and had me try a few things. We laughed a lot about what was going on, because I realized that the behavior issues were all due to what I was doing, not that the dogs really had problems. Heath spent a lot of time explaining dog behavior and how dogs interact with other dogs, and then showed me how to get the same results as a human interacting with my dogs. After Heath left the dogs were amazingly quiet. They still are! I called him a magician, because with very few changes (but a lot more understanding) life with our dogs is SO much better. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He uses simple, understandable techniques with positive reinforcement. No pain for the dog, no shock collars, no yelling, no punishment. This is absolutely how all dogs training should be. Please talk to Heath before you use ANY other dog trainer. You will be surprised and very happy you did."

Mike & Kathy S. Family

"We have been working with Heath Wills of F.I.D.O. for years now, for dog walking, training and boarding. He has been successful in curbing our dog’s animal aggression, basic obedience, as well as helping them to behave in the presence of other dogs. We have a pair of Old English Bulldogs, and while very good companions, their stubborn streak can make them challenging to a trainer. Heath and F.I.D.O. have done a great job, and I would recommend them highly to anyone, regardless of breed or temperament."

Alice M.

"I went through two different trainers and a recommendation by another trainer to euthanize my beloved Branson due to his issues with aggression. One of my best friends referred me to Heath; I could never thank him enough for helping me understand that it was me who was inadvertently rewarding him for the behaviors that almost killed him. My boy Branson is a changed dog thanks to Heath. He has an amazing passion for what he does and it shows. The dog community needs more Heaths out there. "

Duffey Family

"My family and I adopted a young black lab from Franklin County Dog Shelter. We were in love with Roxy, the new addition to our family, but later discovered we had no control over her destructive adolescent behavior.  Frustration turned into resentment and we found ourselves talking about getting rid of her.  Some friends who heard about our resentment over Roxy put us in touch with Heath Wills, a dog trainer they felt strongly about.  After having Heath over to our house it was clear that his dog skills were as valuable to us as his people skills.  He identified the root of our frustration and gave us a few basic rules to follow with Roxy.  It took only days to condition Roxy using Heath’s technique before we had verbal and silent commands to have Roxy “come,” “sit,” “down,” and “stay.” Roxy learned her place in our family and quickly began understanding our standards and right from wrong.  Having Heath come out was the most responsible decision we have made regarding our dog."

John & Shannon T.

"We adopted a sixteen-week-old puppy about two months ago, she was way too much for us to handle. I thought peeing in the house was going to be as bad as it gets, but it got worse. She became food aggressive, and toy aggressive, even my Husband was afraid of her. It got to be so bad that I called the rescue to try and return her. They gave me a second option. They spoke of a man named Heath Wills, and gave me his number. Best money I’ve ever spent. He taught me how to “speak dog”. My friends cannot believe the results. I have and will continue to recommend Fido to anyone I meet with dog troubles."

Trish, Michale, Tabatha, and Sammy L. Family

"We recently adopted a dog from our local shelter. She is the cutest thing ever. Our knowledge about dogs was limited to say the least, until we met Heath. “WOW” Totally amazing. Heath was so nice to my family, even gave us a discount because we adopted Sammy. We showed Heath how we dealt with the bad behaviors as we learned from TV shows; He just smiled and taught us the correct way to communicate with Sammy. No more dominating Sammy to get our point across. Heath you have a god given gift. Thank you so much."

Jim M.

"The peace of mind I get while boarding Rocky with Fido is unmatched…Thanks"

Bill & Carole Morris

"We have two dogs with special needs. Our Aussie is 10 and has hip issues and we did not like leaving him at a kennel on cement flooring. Our little Sheltie is very attached to my wife and would shake when we left. We decided to give Heath a try and he treated our dogs like his own. They have a large fenced turnout area and are not caged. We no longer have any thoughts about leaving them because we know they will be taken care of. Heath is very knowledgeable and our dogs get the best of care. We now have two very happy dogs when we return from a trip. Thanks Heath for all you do."

Joe Shapard

"I wanted to send you an email letting you know how much I appreciate your services at F.I.D.O (Finishing Institute of Dog Ownership).  I am a transplant to the Columbus area from Texas and do not know what I would have done if I did not find your services; as you have been invaluable to the well being of myself, my wife (Elizabeth), and most importantly Shug (our American Pit Bull from the pound in Galveston).  I brought Shug up with me from Texas to keep me company, until my wife finds a job, and would be nervous leaving her with a stranger and I am lucky I do not have to do that.  Her breed dictates that she needs constant exercise to keep her mind & body occupied, which she would not get with a typical boarding veterinarian (she would be lucky to get 3 brief walks a day) or a lesser dog trainer.  I have experienced noticeable improvements in Shug’s disposition since she has been involved with F.I.D.O. and look forward to more improvements in the future.  Finally, the services provided by F.I.D.O are very reasonable and every accommodation has been made to me to pick up shug and return her with no effort on my part.  I hope that I can eventually refer business but at the least would like to let you know how much this service means to me and would like to let anyone know what an excellent value this is.  The final and most important thing is, whenever Shug comes back from spending time with F.I.D.O she is always happy, tired, and never hungry / thirsty / needing to use the bathroom.   Thank you for your excellent service.​"


"Hi Heath,
Wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the way you take care of our dog. We feel confident that when we are away from home, that she is in great care. She seems never to be depressed when she comes back home, and is always glad to see you. I feel as though Lucky is taken care of and that I can go on vacation without worry. With so many people out there trying to provide a good boarding experience, I can truly say that your team does a fantastic job."

Doug & Mayme Wheeler

"Thanks Heath for our behavior consultation with our dog Tank & family. He spent quality time with us showing us most of our dogs issues were our problems not the dog. He was very patient and clear on how to train our dog properly with no pain. His methods are easy to follow. He even taught our dog a new command while he was there in just a few minutes. Heath is quite knowledgeable and answers all questions thoroughly. Our 5-year-old daughter was very interested in the training and Heath suggested some games she could play with Tank so she could be part of the training. We can't recommend Heath and FIDO enough. He left us with all the tools we need to make our good dog a great dog."

Deb Buckalew

"After receiving a rave review from my cousin Vicki Buckalew about Heath and FIDO, I decided to check out his training qualifications for my then weeks old Sheltie puppy.  Needless to say, I was amazed at his training techniques.
Fast-forward several months.  The once weeks old Sheltie puppy is now full grown.  I was going on a short vacation trip and needed to board him.  I was not crazy about taking him to a kennel environment, as he only has known the "home life" environment.  At the reminder of the same cousin who originally suggested Heath and FIDO, I called Heath to see about the availability of boarding my Sheltie.  Needless to say, I was not disappointed with the boarding environment at all due to it being a home environment with Heath. With that being said, I will and do only trust Heath with my Sheltie when boarding is needed.
Heath and FIDO are the best - I highly recommend him to anyone!"