• Group Classes
  • Playcare Prep School
  • Board and Train
  • One-on-One Training Modules
  • In-Home Behavior Consults


  • Our Extensive Knowledge, Education, Experience, & Passion for Canines
  • Scientifically Proven Positive Approach (Leader/Follower Relationships)
  • Positive Motivators (Food, Toys, Praise, Eye Contact, Nose work)
  • Positive Training Tools & Aids (Clicker, Gentle Leaders, Kong)


  • Negative, Dominance/Submission Approach (Alpha Dog Theory)
  • Suppressive Tools (No Shock/Prong Collars, Spray Bottles, Noise Deterrents)
  • Threatening Postures/Gestures

We bridge the communication gap between you and your dog. After all, that’s where the real problem is. We have taught hundreds of people how to get the desired response from their pets by teaching positive methods of communication. 

Our primary tool is whatever motivates your dog to want to learn. This can be food, verbal praise, physical praise, using our environment or a toy. 

We show you how to get your dog to want to preform for you. We will teach you about Positive Reinforcement and Inadvertent Reinforces. Along with the cons of using compulsion training (DO IT OR ELSE) to deal with household behaviors.

The best part is we do not use pain-induced methods. Pain only suppresses the behavior in your presence, and can cause the dog to be in conflict with themselves or their environment. Pain induced training does not teach the animal the correct behavior. 

FIDO's founder, Heath Wills has attended several schools of thought in regards to animal training. Heath does not hide the fact that he was a SHOCK collar trainer years ago before furthering his education. Because of his extensive experience in both old school/traditional (Do it or else) methods and Current positive training methods, Heath is considered by many to be an authority on the subject of Canine training and Behavior as it applies to households across America. 

I have participated on both sides of the training dilemma. I fully understand the psychological ramifications of using pain, force and or intimidation as a means to communicate with animals. I also know the joy of  having a wonderful relationship with an animal based on effective communication and trust. A dog who trusts you and wants to be apart of your social group. A dog that has less anxiety because of effective communication. The process of progressive, positive reinforcement training is in my opinion the most effective way to train your dog. Keep in mind its a process that Behavioral science has proven to be most effective and results oriented.

I founded FIDO so that we could show people another and in my opinion, a much more effective way to get the relationship that we all want with our pets.